2018 Lexus Rx Release Date

2018 Lexus Rx 350 Picture & Review

The rejuvenated 2018 Lexus Rx 350 compact crossover debuted this week at the Shanghai Motor Show. The majority of the changes are visual, and it must maintain the Rx fresh for the next several years until more substantial changes come. Power and efficiency stay same, but Lexus claims that its smallest SUV is smoother and more elegant thanks to some updates under the skin. As the automaker’s 3rd best selling vehicle in 2016, behind the venerable RX crossover and ES sedan, the Rx was a big Hit on Lexus in every market.

Up front, the love it or hate it spindle grille remains, although it’s received a few modifications. The upper parts of the grille and fenders have now. We’re reworked to flow better in the hood and doors. Additionally to the sleeker visuals, it should help improve aerodynamics. New headlamp with 3 projectors is comparable To those on the new Lexus LC sports coupe. The bottom part of the bumper continues to be pulled forward a little, making the 2018 Lexus Rx 350 look both short of pointy and more like a little RX than ever before.

At the back, the bumper is redesigned, adding in design components that draw influence from the shaft grid. Like the headlamp, The taillights have been updated with a form that is comparable to those on the LC. Other modifications Include remanufactured exhaust tips, new 18 inches wheels, and a kick sensor that opens the rear hatch if you make a move under the rear bumper.

Like the exterior, the modifications to the interior are modest but notable. The infotainment screen has increased from 7 inches to 10.3 inches. The controls for the infotainment and Heating and air conditioning system have been updated. Almost all the control knobs and switches have what Lexus is calling a metallic satin finish, mainly A silvery grey looking matte colour. Like with numerous other Toyota and Lexus products, the automaker Lexus Safety System + now comes standard on all models.

The turbocharged 2.0 litre inline four carries over unchanged, although the model has become known as the NX 300. Similarly, the hybrid system in the NX 300h is unchanged. There have been some updates to the suspension, adding in a modified version of the flexible variable suspension system from the LC. Lexus claims this must improve both ride and handling. No word on pricing or release date about 2018 Lexus Rx 350 yet, therefore looks for more news sometime in the next several months.

2018 Lexus Rx 350 Picture & Review


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